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My name is Mike, but over the years I’ve gone by various aliases, including Van, StereoMike, Kegsy and a host of others. The perils of living online!

I’m a 30 year old graphic designer and motoring journalist living in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks to the fact that I’m regularly road-testing new cars for review, I no longer own a car of my own.

I do own a bicycle, though – a relatively cheap ol’ Shogun mountainbike with more springs than a Slinky warehouse.

In late 2010, I moved to the inner suburbs to enjoy the city scene after a lifetime in the suburbs (well, there was a short stint in Richmond, but I did eventually return to the ‘burbs).

When I got here, it was quickly apparent that cycling is a huge, huge movement in inner Melbourne. Whether for commuting or for recreation, it seems there’s not a household in Carlton, Fitzroy, and all the parts between that doesn’t regularly get in the saddle.

So, of course, the bike got a dust-off and I tried to catch the bug myself.

Honestly, if one were to look at my past – even in the months since I’ve taken up the craze – it’d be fair to say that I’m not much of a cyclist. Certainly not a committed one, anyway.


I’d like to at least be a regular cyclist, though, and creating this blog is part of what I hope will keep me inspired to build and maintain a passion for the pedals.

I don’t know anything about cycling, really. So in 2011, I’ll be aiming to meet other cyclists, explore Melbourne more, get fit (I’m probably carrying an extra 20 or 30kg here!) and make this the life.

What will I do with this blog? That remains to be seen, but hey, the last time I started a blog, it was about cars. Six months later, I was writing about the damn things on a full-time basis. Three years after that, it’s my career, and graphic design – my actual qualification – is almost a distant memory.

So who knows where this one will take me..?

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  1. Nath says:

    Clean your chain :)

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