My Giant Yukon – Yet another bike I know nothing about, since it’s currently in a terrible state of disrepair.

This time, however, I can at least confirm after a touch of Googling that it’s a 2003 model.

We’ll quietly ignore the fact that I discovered this by going back through the years – “2009? Nope, that looks different. 2008? Nope… 2007? Nope. 2006? Jeez, how old is this thing?”


Resources and details I’ve found for this bike:

So, I know that as  a brand-new bike back in ‘03, it was an entry-level offering and wasn’t very expensive. Still, of the one review at Epinions, it’s at least a decent bike.

And that Ian Teda fellow, who it seems has gone on to become something of an enthusiast, considered his old ‘03 Yukon to be a “faithful steed that never let me down.” Good praise, I’d say.


I picked up this bike a few days ago – courtesy of my dad who found it in someone’s roadside rubbish, believe it or not!

It’s a little the worse for wear right now and, if nothing else, it’s going to need new forks up front – see that snapped bit?

Yeah, that’s right, I don’t know what it’s called; that opening that the hub ends rest in. Talk about amateur!


As for the rest of the bike, the derailleur has seen better days, and so have the gear shifters, brake discs and calipers (are they still called calipers when they’re this style? They’re calipers on cars and the concept is largely identical!)

I suspect this bike will be off the road for quite a while. I’d like to learn what I can about parts, and then figure out which ones will be best for me in terms of budget and use – I don’t plan on riding 30km every day, so we don’t need to get too hardcore about it all.


Still, it should be a nice project and a good way for me to learn. I wonder if there’s any get-t0-know-your-bike workshops in Melbourne…

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3 Responses to My Rides, Part 2: 2003 Giant Yukon

  1. Nath says:

    First things first, you need some wheels. Unfortunately with the broken dropout it will require a new front fork. Thoughts on running it hardtail or full rigid? I can see this working as a single speed rigid set up quite nicely.

    Check out for helpful video links…

  2. Mike says:

    Cheers Nath! It’s got a couple of wheels for it, though I didn’t take full pictures of them. Is there something about the hub/etc shown above that made you feel I’d need some new wheels?

    New forks are of course the top priority, and yeah, I was thinking of full rigid. I dunno about single-speed though, I’ve got little to no interest in that particular movement, haha.

    Cheers for the link too, that should be hugely helpful! Just what I need – apart from some tools…

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