Well, it’s about time I set myself to stripping down my Giant and prepping it for powdercoating.

How I’ll go about the paint stripping is undecided (so much of this is new to me), but I’ve found some resources online and we’ll see how that goes. Please feel free to offer suggestions in the comments, though.

I’ve also snapped up a BikeHand toolkit on eBay for AU$80, though sadly I’ve been unable to find any reviews for the brand, so it remains to be seen whether they’re of a good standard.

There’s also the fact that, again, all of this is new to me. I did try to grab a Super-B kit off Torpedo7, but they were sold out with no sign of a restock.

Amusingly, I look at the photo of this tool kit and realise that most of the tools there are completely unfamiliar to me. Thankfully, Nath at Analogue Mind linked me to, so that’ll be a huge help I suspect.

For a list of what’s included, click through.

BikeHand Tool Kit

  • 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm Hex Wrench Set
  • Freehub Lockring tool for Shimano / some Campagnolo bottom brackets
  • Bottom Bracket for 16 notch external crankset system cups
  • Cartridge Bottom Bracket Tool (for 20 tooth internal splines, such as Shimano®, FSA®, etc.)
  • Shimano Crank Arm Dust Cap Tool
  • Truvativ Isis Drive Bottom Bracket Tool
  • Chain Checker Chain Wear Indicator
  • Crank Puller for Splined Octalink⪚, ISIS Drive®, and square-taper type
  • Crank Wrench with 14mm Socket
  • 8 and 10mm Open End Wrench
  • 12 and 14mm Open End Wrench
  • Synthetic Blend Bearing Grease
  • Bike Hand Chain Cleaner with Clip
  • Chain Cleaner Brush
  • Cassette / cog Cleaner
  • Cable Cutter
  • Chainring Nut Wrench
  • Professional Screw Type Chain Tool with extra chain pin
  • Patch Kit with patches and cement
  • Professional Pedal Wrench 14, 15, 16, 17mm


  • 13mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
  • 14mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
  • 15mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
  • 16mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
  • 17mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
  • 18mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
  • 19mm Professional Shop Cone Wrench
  • 30 / 32mm head set wrench
  • 36 /40mm head set wrench
  • T25 Torx head wrench
  • Shop Screwdriver #2 Phillips
  • Shop Screwdriver Straight Blade, 6mm tips
  • Chain Whip and Freewheel/Lockring Wrench
  • Red Professional Spoke Wrench
  • Black Professional Spoke Wrench
  • Green Professional Spoke Wrench
  • Tire Levers


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